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Comments on Puzzle #35299: Really enormous test puzzle
By Valerie Mates (va­le­ri­e­)

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#1: Karen D Stivers (kds17) on Aug 14, 2022

Hmmmm. Interesting. Please don't make me identify the picture!
#2: Valerie Mates (va­le­ri­e­) on Sep 29, 2022
What I was testing with this puzzle was how the new code that shows the row, column, and percent complete would function on the largest-allowed size of puzzle, to see if computing the percent complete would slow it down too much. On my computer (which is a few years old, but was fast when I bought it) the new code works fine. But I haven't tried it on an old, slow computer, so I am just hoping that it works okay on those, too. Though most puzzles are very much smaller than this one, so that would be less of a workout for any computer. So, hopefully!

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