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Topic #2: News
By Valerie Mates (valerie )

#1: Valerie Mates (valerie ) on Jul 10, 2022

I'll announce staging-site news here.
#2: Valerie Mates (valerie ) on Jul 10, 2022
I fixed a bug in the "News" menu option where it was showing *all* news instead of just the unread news.
#3: Valerie Mates (valerie ) on Jul 12, 2022
I'm currently working on ways to make the different colors of 1's more distinct. Currently I'm trying out *wider* 1 images, but I don't love them. Also the blue 1 color is lighter. Anyway, details are in puzzle 35294: https://staging.webpbn.com/35294
Input is welcome!
#4: Valerie Mates (valerie ) on Jul 21, 2022
Things I'm currently working on:

1) Setting up e-mail verification settings so that the server can e-mail reset passwords to people, when people lose their password. Right now some e-mail hosts do accept mail from webpbn and some don't. If I get this right, then webpbn should be able to send e-mail to pretty much any site.

Eventually I'll add options where people can sign up to have comments on puzzles and discussion-forum comments e-mailed to them. We will need to have e-mail flowing correctly in order for that to work.

2) Adding a note that pops up when a person starts to leave a page that has an un-saved comment on it.

3) I'm still collecting input on the wider 1's. And anything else you'd like to comment on.
#5: Valerie Mates (valerie ) on Jul 22, 2022
I made the blue lighter in SVG mode, both for clues and for squares. I'd appreciate feedback on what you think.

To try out SVG mode:
1) Go to Settings.
2) Go to the Options tab.
3) Look for Drawing Mode, and select SVG mode.
4) Click on the Save button.
5) Navigate to a puzzle.
6) If you've already seen the puzzle, you may need to right-click on a white area near the puzzle and then select "Reload frame".

If you're already in SVG mode, you may also need to do #6 to see the new shade of blue.

Finally, if you don't want to stay in SVG mode, repeat these steps and select HTML mode.
#6: Valerie Mates (valerie ) on Aug 9, 2022
Lots of updates!

Currently I'm working on e-mail notifications. It doesn't do anything yet, but you can go to the Settings page and click on a new tab to see what's under construction.

I've made a number of tiny updates to wording and graphics on the screens for creating an account or resetting a lost password, and improved several places where it checks for a valid e-mail address when one is entered.

I've added "Welcome, username!" at the top of the menu. This is mostly useful to me when I am hopping between test accounts, so that I can tell which one is logged in. But I think there are times when it's useful to other people too, so I copied it to the main site.

I've added code that shows the row and column of the cursor while you are solving a puzzle, and also the percent filled in.

I added code that may help prevent the input keyboard from popping up if you're on the site on an iPad.

I added code that notices if you have an un-saved comment and asks "Are you sure?" when you try to navigate away from the page.

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